This six-part video series was designed with today’s educators in mind. Each of the videos in this co-teaching series for teachers has practical insights, ideas, and strategies to help support successful implementation of co-teaching. The end goal is always to better support the diverse needs of each and every student through the implementation of inclusive practices.

Co-Teaching Benefits, Beliefs and Basics provides educators with an understanding of the basic concepts of co-teaching and the benefits and beliefs that can come from successful implementation of this inclusive practice

This video gives practitioners ideas and starting points for how to establish and cultivate successful co-teaching partnerships.


Within this video, each co-teaching model is introduced and ideas are shared around when, where, and how each of the seven co-teaching models can be utilized.


This video provides educators with practical implementation ideas around the three pillars of co-teaching: co-planning, co-instructing, and co-assessing.

Virtual Co-Teaching offers insight on how to effectively co-teach in a virtual setting. The video will also cover virtual considerations on how co- teachers can collaborate, plan, and continue to deliver tiered instructional supports to all students.

This video provides insight on how to utilize paraprofessionals and support staff effectively as co-teaching practices are implemented.