Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Indiana Individualized Education Program Resource Center (IEPRC) is to increase knowledge, skills, and capacity of Indiana educators to improve outcomes for students with disabilities. The IEPRC provides resources, professional learning opportunities, and technical assistance related to the Indiana IEP system (IIEP), Article 7 compliance, Individual Education Program (IEP) processes and improving local practices. The IEPRC is funded through Part B federal funds distributed by the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE). The IEPRC collaborates with the IDOE to promote a belief in shared responsibility and equitable access beneļ¬ting all students.

Parents & Families

We partner with family support agencies and work to provide resources to help parents understand the IEP process.

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Virtual Office Hours

Virtual Office Hours (VOH) is an open webinar for anyone with questions about the Indiana IEP (IIEP) System or special education.  VOH provides direct access to our Indiana IEP consultants.  Our staff will share updates and upcoming changes to the IIEP system while answering your questions.

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David Bateman

504 Accommodations Guide

Accommodations v. Modificaitons - How do you Decide?

George Batsche

MTSS is Here:  Where am I?

4 Step Problem-Solving Fact Sheet

Problem-Solving Protocol Example

How To Make Instruction in Tiers 2 and 3 and SDI Support Student Performance in Tier 1

Specially Designed Instruction Across Tiers

A High Tide Floats All Boats:The Importance of Core Instruction

Using Lesson Planning to Align Instruction Across the Tiers

STANDARDS-BASED Instructional Planning

Cheryl Boucher & Kathey Oehler

I Hate to Write!  Rescuing our Relectant Writers - Strategies for Elementary Students

I Hate to Write!  Rescuing our Relectant Writers - Strategies for Secondary Students

I Hate to Write! Technology for Reluctant Writers

Sensory Strategies for Elementary Students

Sensory Strategies for Secondary Students 

Marilyn Friend

Co-Teaching but Not Getting the Results You'd Hoped for? These Could be the Reasons Why ... with Ideas for What to Do

We Know the Six Approaches. . .Now What?

Where's the Special Education in Co-Taught Classes? Understanding and Incorporating Specially Designed Instruction

Pete Hall

The Reflective Cycle

Creating a Culture of Reflective Practice: Capacity-building for Schoolwide Success

Continuum Teacher Profile : Kris


Paula Kluth


Pass the Rubber Chicken:  UDL Engagement Ideas

Show, Tell & Model: UDL Representation Ideas

Provide a Path:  UDL Action & Expression Ideas

Alisia Moutry & Ramel Smith

KEYNOTE:  Team Unity: Balancing the I - Me - We

Alisia Moutry

MTSS Team Unity for Equity and Access:  Working with and for ALL to Improve Student Achievement

MTSS Starter Kit

Terrance Scott

Managing Classrooms through Effective Instruction for All Students

But What Do I Do When?  Strategies for the Most Challening Behaviors

Social Skills Instruction as a Tier II Intervention

Ramel Smith

Building a Better Man

Mitch Yell

The Endrew Decision, Placement, and Least Restrictive Environment

The Endrew Decision and Implications for Addressing Problem Behavior in the IEP