This webcast provides an overview of considerations related to SLD evaluation and identification according to Indiana’s Article 7 requirements. The webcast is based upon the document Considerations in Specific Learning Disability Evaluation and Eligibility Determination.

Meeting the legal timelines for educational evaluations is important for schools to stay in good standing with federal compliance indicators, and to provide students with timely evaluations.  This document clarifies timelines and providesThis checklist can be used when special education students move into a district to ensure that the eligibility determination and necessary documentation is consistent with district eligibility guidelines and practices and Article 7 requirements.  The checklist is organized into sections for general evaluation requirements as well as criteria for specific eligibility areas (e.g., Cognitive Disability, Emotional Disability, Other Health Impairment, and Autism Spectrum Disorder).Considerations for students from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds are included.  Completion of this checklist can assist the district in determining whether reevaluation is needed to ensure the appropriateness of the eligibility area.  Parts of this document, modified with permission, were provided by N. Zimmerman, Southside Special Services of Marion County strategies for meeting timelines.

Presented at the 2011 Indiana Council of Administrators of Special Education, this presentation addresses the importance of local policies and procedures in SLD identification. This presentation was made by Dr. Leah Nellis and Nancy Zimmerman.

This document explains the Article 7 requirements for SLD evaluation and eligibility determination. Answers to questions from school practitioners are included as are resources for school teams.

These guidelines were developed by the Indiana Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education. Recommendations regarding evaluation methods and available resources are included.