Behavior Intervention Plan components are found in the IEP and ISP Processes on the Special Considerations and Behavioral Concerns Page in the Behavioral Concerns section.

This FAQ document answers common questions about the recent changes to the Behavioral Concerns section of Indiana IEP.

This printable document provides a list of local and regional resources for parents and families.

Lacking the time to attend an IEPRC Workshop? Need a refresher or a quick overview?  Watch the Indiana IEP Walkthrough for New Users

This presentation contains multiple videos.  Use the Playlist icon playlisticon to access.

This presentation contains multiple videos.  Use the Playlist icon playlisticon to access.

Indiana IEP User's Manual
This manual, developed by Public Consulting Group (PCG) navigates the Indiana IEP (IIEP) system. The manual describes each step and component in the IIEP system through the included text and screenshots.

Advanced Reporting Update
IIEP provides the Advanced Reporting tool for the creation of custom reports. Each field in the IIEP is available to build reports for schools and districts.

Deactivating Events and Deselecting Documents
This step-by-step explains the process to enable and use the ability to deactivate events and documents in the IIEP. IIEP Progress Monitoring : No Tools Available. If "No Tools Available" appears in the progress monitoring wizard for a student's goal, this document defines possible solutions.

Service Logging Manual
The main purpose of the IIEP is to document the decisions of the case conference committee and generate a legally compliant IEP. The system also allows service providers to log services provided to students as a result of the provisions recorded in the IEP. This document explains the process and setup required.

IIEP Administration Manual
For Indiana IEP District and State Administrators, this manual spells out the steps in the adminisration of the program.

IIEP Access Procedure (v1 - 8/6/19)

IIEP Walkthrough for Teachers of Record (v4-8/6/19)
For new and veteran Teachers of Record, this guide lays out the steps from caseload creation through formation of the final IEP.

IIEP Walkthrough for Multidisciplinary Team Members (v4-8/6/19)
For MD Team members, this guide shows the steps for the referral and evaluation processes in the IIEP.

Dismissal From Services
This document outlines the steps to follow to dismiss a student from services in the IIEP.

Move-In Conferences
This document outlines the steps to follow when a student with an IEP enrolls.

Reevaluation Process
This document oulines the steps to follow when reevaluation is discussed.

Indiana IEP Walkthrough for District Administrators (v3-8/6/19)
This step-by-step describes administrator's roles and capabilities within the IIEP system.

Indiana IEP Walkthrough for Advanced Reporting (v1-9/22/14)
This document provides step-by-step information on Advanced Reporting.

Blank IEP Form (9.27.18)


IEP at a Glance

This document provides a sample IEP at a Glance created within the IIEP System.