Within this Essential Elements video, Tonia Brewer describes best practices for staffing and scheduling and describes resources and tools that may be beneficial.

Co-Teaching/In-Class Support Scheduling Tally

Class Size Weighting Matrix


Staffing Grid

The purpose of the Staffing Grid is to provide a detailed view of where special education resources are assigned.

The grid captures staff member responsibilities across the school day and week. It also includes the specific students assigned to each staff member noting both the total number of students each period, and student names. This information allows the administrator and special education team to not only look at numbers, but also consider unique needs and the type of support appropriate for each classroom or setting.

The grid can be configured for Block or Traditional school day schedules. It can be used as a district grid or at the building level. Staff licensure can also be included to show certification resources across a district or building.

This is also a helpful tool for a department or building to complete prior to a request for additionalstaffing.

Download Staffing Grid